Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What is Work?

What is Work?

Q2. What is work?

Ancient GR: A2. Work is the task we need the dog to perform.

DanUK: Agreed, that's as succinct as it can be put. To expand, it could be stated that in the historic context this entails close quarters personal protection, property protection of family members, catch work and some degree of sentry work. Whilst it is recognised that children should not be left unattended with dogs, it is particularly imperative that the Bandogge be completely reliable around the family and children in particular; hence the disdain for rank-driven behaviour. The dog should have high enough natural pain tolerance and stimulus threshold that it does not care to misinterpret the actions of family members and instead relishes the opportunity to be with its pack, no matter how gentle or boisterous an environment exists.

Katrina Hartwell AU: Broadly, any task you require of the dog to perform, in my opinion work is an actual job, (hunt, patrol etc) not a game or sport.

MaTi US: Work translates to tasks performed. Work can be as complex as scent discrimination, as simple as sitting with the children in the yard. Much more importantly... "Work Ethic" implies an innate desire in the dog to do work for/with its handler.